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​September 15-18, 2016

What is The Bereavement Cruise?

The Bereavement Cruise is a powerful transformational journey at sea honoring and celebrating the lives of our lost loved ones.  It is an opportunity to experience an inspiring continuation of healing that will be shared in a nurturing community of people who are or have been where you are in your grief journey-no matter how much time has passed. 

Journeys of Hope Healing and Health

Bereavement Cruise

Experiencing profound loss on any level presents a painful challenge, and many people are unprepared for the grieving process that follows. But a new "healing" concept, Seminars at Sea Program, led by Linda Findlay & Glen Lord hopes to give those who are suffering from grief the tools they need to better understand their pain and cope with their loss.  The cruise offers a healing opportunity for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, no matter how much time has passed.




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Journey of Hope Healing & Health

Bereavement Cruise

The Bereavement Cruise is set to Sail  

February 12-17, 2018

The bereavement cruise will provide an opportunity for our guests to better understand their grief journey, receive compassionate support and enhance their coping skills. Our workshops and activities will take place on the days that we are out to sea. Small group sessions will be available during the entire cruise. There will be plenty of time to relax, spend time with others, share meals with new friends and much more. Participants will also have time to explore off ship excursions. You choose how you spend your time with us.