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The Bereavement Cruise is a powerful transformational journey at sea offering an opportunity for our guests to experience an inspiring continuation of healing that will be shared in a nurturing community of people who are or have been on a grief journey-no matter how much time has passed!

Are you an advocate for health and wellness of mind, body and heart?

Do you facilitate a grief support group?
Do you believe in the power of community?

Bereavement Cruise Patron Program

The mission of The Bereavement Cruise is all about creating community and bringing together grieving families in a safe nurturing environment.  We believe that when we lift each other up, we all rise TOGETHER. That’s why we would love to feature you, support your brand and promote business.

The Bereavement Cruise Patrons are featured with a personal profile on our website that links back to you, plus so much more. Please take a few minutes to read through this incredible offering of mutual support and join us to create a powerful supportive community for the bereaved.

 Who are our Bereavement Patrons?

Our Bereavement Cruise Patrons share our mission to reach grieving families in the US and provide them with an opportunity of continued healing on their grief journey. They are visionaries, who really want to make a difference and support grieving families. 

About The Bereavement Cruise:

Our cruises are sure to be a powerful positive experience for our guests.  We have an incredible lineup so far, featuring nationally known and respected presenters.

 The Bereavement Cruise Patron Details

We will be reaching out to communities of people and organizations across the country who provide support, resources, counseling, products and services, as well as targeted promotions, to get the word out about this extraordinary and unique Grieving Seminar at Sea.  We would be honored to have your support, and we would love to support you in the process.

 We invite you to become a Bereavement Cruise Patron and receive great promotions and more.

Benefits Include:

Logo Profile and hyperlink on our website
Quarter page ad in our official Bereavement Cruise Program
Featured on The Bereavement Cruise promotional materials for 2018

Patron Agrees To:

Distribute flyers and share them with your community, customers, clients etc. 

(we will provide printed material or you can print the flyer off this website)
Include The Bereavement Cruise Promotion on your website with link
Include The Bereavement Cruise Information in publications you distribute plus any other means you may have to promote the cruise.
Monthly social media posts on your organization website with tags and links to our page and website.

We are committed to creating sustainable, positive relationships with our sponsors while fostering a valuable opportunity for both parties. To ensure that we deliver value to our sponsors, we have created custom sponsorship packages and opportunities that satisfy your marketing requirements, create a positive working alliance, and fulfill the mission of The Bereavement Cruise.

To discuss our Patron Program and sponsorship opportunities, please complete the form below and submit it to us, we will contact you.

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Bereavement Cruise

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My Bereavement Companion is a Virtual Memorial website designed with the intention of honoring our loved ones who have died. This website will enable the mourner to create a page that will allow friends and family to visit and also contribute in remembering the person and their legacy that they leave behind.