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Bereavement Cruise

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​You are invited become a sponsor for the 2nd Bereavement Cruise to benefit people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. 

The Bereavement Cruise is a powerful transformational journey at sea offering an opportunity for our guests to experience an inspiring continuation of healing that will be shared in a nurturing community of people who are or have been on a grief journey-no matter how much time has passed

The primary source of funding for the cruise is from corporate sponsors, such as you. With your support we feel that we can expand our reach to promote the cruise, fund our workshop presenters fees and travel costs, distribute program marketing and promotional material, create event signage and provide our guests with amenities that will enhance their experience while on their journey.

Our next Bereavement Cruise is set to sail Febraury 12-17, 2018.  The Bereavement Cruise will provide an opportunity for our guests to better understand their grief journey, receive compassionate support and enhance their coping skills.

Your sponsorship will help assure the success of The Bereavement Cruise. If you would like more information on this exciting event and its sponsorship levels, please fill out the form on this page and let us know.  We will contact you shortly.

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