*Cruise Planners is our partner and EXCLUSIVE travel agency for booking The Bereavement Cruise.  Linda Findlay is an independent agent for Cruise Planners.   You can not book The Bereavement Cruise through other agencies or direct with the cruise line. The Bereavement Cruise events on the ship are all PRIVATE and specially marked ID wrist bands are required to enter our workshops, small group sessions, healing arts sessions and group activities and other events. 

We get you the same exact price that you would get through another agency, by calling Royal Caribbean

and on their consumer website!

Journeys of Hope Healing & Health

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Love’s Connection


I believe in love’s connection

Though you are far from sight

I feel you in my heart by day

And in my dreams at night


This isn’t something solid

Not something that I can show

Just a sensation in my being

A confidence, that I just know


Your voice is in the ocean breeze

Whispering so sweetly

Love is not the broken piece  

We are always linked completely


I feel the comfort of your touch

On the gentle rocking waves

Love lives on forever

This fact my heart saves


Your care is found in friends

The new ones and the old

They stand here beside me

Warming from the cold


I receive your eternal love

In the words that they sing

Listen to the hope and healing

That their gifted voices bring


Our memories are in the glow

Of the candle’s flickering flame

I hold it now and softly smile

And proudly speak your name


Though I long to hold you

To whisper in your ear

I know that love’s connection

Will always keep you near


~Tanya Lord © 2018

For Journeys of hope, healing and health