*Cruise Planners is our partner and EXCLUSIVE travel agency for booking The Bereavement Cruise.  Linda Findlay is an independent agent for Cruise Planners.   You can not book The Bereavement Cruise through other agencies or direct with the cruise line. The Bereavement Cruise events on the ship are all PRIVATE and specially marked ID wrist bands are required to enter our workshops, small group sessions, healing arts sessions and group activities and other events. 

We get you the same exact price that you would get through another agency, by calling Royal Caribbean

and on their consumer website!

Journeys of Hope Healing & Health

Seminars at Sea Program

Ph: 315-725-6132

Email: journeys@thegrieftoolbox.com


Room Mate Request

We are often asked if we have a room mate matching option. We have created this page for people to access if they would like to be connected with someone who is also looking for a room mate for one of our cruise.  Please fill out the form on this page to let us know if you would like to be given information about possible room mate availability. 
Please remember so key points:
1.  If your room mate decided to not go on the cruise, you will have to pay for the balance of the cabin or face cancellation penalties as per the cruise line.  We HIGHLY recommend trip cancellation insurance. If that were to happen, you would be covered.  Please ask for an insurance quote!
2. We can not guarantee that the room mate that you choose will be the perfect room mate.  You accept a room mate at your own risk.  We also can't guarantee if your room mate will pay their balance of the cruise. This arrangement is between you and the room mate. We can offer no assistance should a problem arise.
3.  We recommend that you have a few conversations with a potential room mate.  Once you decide that you are ready to commit to sharing a room, contact Linda Findlay at